Why Answer The Public is Beneficial To Get Organic Traffic

Answer The Public

On an average, there are over three billion google searches everyday. It is undoubtedly a huge number. Being one of the fundamental and highest ROI activities, it has the potential to connect business with its potential consumers. And Answer The Public is the right keyword research tool, which can accurately give you insight to what exactly your targeted audience are looking for. It directs them to your page through well-crafted ads and content.

It is an essential tool for Digital Marketing, especially for those, who are more focused on SEO. The end goal of SEO is to answer the question of your audience and convert those readers into a customer. But how do you know what exactly they are asking?

What is Answer The Public

Organic traffic accounts for 53% of traffic to websites worldwide. Getting organic traffic is completely free, but requires perfect keywords to connect with the audience. One of the easy tools to optimize your content for search is Answer The Public. But how on earth is it better than other powerful SEO tools? 

You may find thousands of Answer The Public alternative in the market. But it differs from others. When you search something on Google, it gives you ten questions, which probably some of your targeted customers are looking for. But when you perform keyword research on Answer The Public platform, it maps out all the available search information and organizes it into sub-categories. It is a consumer insight tool, which combines the suggested search results from Bing and Google and visualizes them in a search cloud.

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How It Is Beneficial for SEO

Answer The Public

It listens to autocomplete data from Google, and quickly cranks out every possible question and phrases people might be asking around your keyword. When you use this tool to perform keyword research, it offers you a deep consumer insight, which helps you create unique, and useful content, products, and services. It gives you a deep understanding of how people search around topics, which otherwise you wouldn’t have thought of.

  • It allows you to know your audience
  • It lets you target the accurate keywords
  • It helps you optimize for long-tail key phrases
  • It helps you answer questions that can get you Google’s featured snippets

Furthermore, another important aspect you want to focus on is- what people think about your competitors. You can scope out the answer by getting content ideas, based on what your audience is searching around similar brands. The more variations you would try while performing keyword research, the more ideas you will have for content. Answerthepublic.com is an automated autocomplete tool, which identifies potential content ideas by offering different variations for your keywords. Moreover, it also generates useful suggestions depending on the prepositions, such as like, versus, with without.

Although you may find hundreds of ideas here, you don’t have to use them all. So once you get the results, just separate the wheat from the chaffs and utilize only great ideas, which you believe can help you get more traffic.

Bottom Line

There’s thousands of SEO tools in the market, which can keep you relevant in the search engines for a few days. But you are not in a short-term business. To be relevant and on top of search results, your online marketing hacks should be top-notch. And that would only be possible if you have the correct answers you audience are looking for. Answer The Public is an essential tool for those businesses, who want to generate organic traffic to their website and stay relevant in the market even in future.

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