Good Morning Quotes in Hindi

Top 15 Good Morning Quotes in Hindi

Good Morning Quotes have the power and ability to change your thought process. An inspirational quote in the morning can charge you with positivity, cheerfulness and motivation for the rest of the day. By triggering positive thoughts right from the hour zero of the day; you can spread happiness and positivity among others as well. So here comes a list of good morning quotes in Hindi. Begin your day with positivity and share these heartening quotes with your friends, family, and all your loved ones.

There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than with a smile on your face. While a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams aren’t always the case, the one thing you can always count on is creating your own happiness. If you’re feeling down, need some motivation, or simply like to start your day on a high note, you can read and share a positive morning quote that’ll put your mind at ease, provide encouragement and help you get started with your day. 

Why Do You Need Good Morning Quotes 

It is early in the morning when you wake up and see how fortunate you are and the countless blessings you have in life. It is during this time that you instill a positive mindset and set the expectations for goals and ambitions. The way you spend your morning time is critical to how the rest of your day will turn out to be. The easiest way to greet others is by uttering a few positive good morning quotes.

Top 15 Good Morning Quotes in Hindi

Imagine just how pleased your friends and family will be to receive thoughtful, inspirational good morning quotes in Hindi. It would convey to them that you love and remember them. The warm wishes and messages will uplift the receiver’s mood and make them feel special. Besides, your expression of love and emotions doesn’t have to be costly or in person. This is the age of social media where you can always use Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media apps to share the enthusiasm and positivity of a blissful morning with others.

Positive Impacts of Good Morning Greetings

Human beings are social butterflies and therefore they thrive in social settings where they stay connected with others. Reading a few positive good morning quotes in Hindi can help them maintain close relationships with others. These blissful texts will also assist in releasing happy hormones as a person will feel good connecting with his / her loved ones. It boosts one’s self-esteem and morale when he realizes that he is regarded by others. 

Top 15 Good Morning Quotes in Hindi

When we are surrounded by people who love us and are open to expressing their emotions, we momentarily forget all our problems. These kind gestures show us that we have a support system there for us. That sadness and loneliness are just the fleeting moments in our life, to be replaced by comradeship and genuine affection. 

Thus these good morning quotes in Hindi can indeed help us to start our day in the most productive manner. Although people might disregard the importance of delightful morning texts as juvenile or trivial, they show many benefits. Good morning texts are the sweetest of all. There are many Gifs and images on the internet which show how these quotes can affect one’s mood. The positive and radiant effects that they give off marked by colorful editing and heartfelt notes is wholesome. 

Positive Good Morning Quotes in Hindi

Check out these inspirational good morning quotes in Hindi, and ignite a sense of enthusiasm and positivity in your body and soul.

Agar bura waqt hai toh mehnat karo, aur agar acha hai toh kisi ki madad karo. Good morning.

अगर वक़्त बुरा है तो मेहनत करो, और अगर अच्छा है तो किसी की मदद करो। गुड मॉर्निंग।

Kaamyaab hona hai toh ek baat samajh lo, perr bhale he fisal jaye lekin zubaan kabhi ni fisalni chahiye. Good morning.

कामयाब होना है तो एक बात गांठ बाँध लो, पाँव भले ही फिसल जाए लेकिन जुबान कभी नहीं फिसलनी चाहिए। गुड मॉर्निंग।

Bharosa agar khud par hai toh woh aap ki taakat hai, aur agar dusro par hai toh woh aap ki kamzori. Good morning.

Banani hai toh apni pehchan banao, dusro ki parchai bankar kya fayda. Aap ka din shubh ho.

बनानी है तो अपनी पहचान बनाओ, दूसरों की परछाई बनकर क्या फायदा। आपका दिन शुभ हो।

Apna irada nekk rakhoge toh koi manzil dur nahi. Suprabhat!

अपना इरादा नेक रखोगे तो कोई भी मंज़िल दूर नहीं। सुप्रभात।

Jo umeed dusro se karte ho vo khud se karo aur zindagi ki nayi shuruaat karo. Suprabhat, aap ka din shubh ho.

जो उम्मीद दूसरों से करते हो वो खुद से करो और ज़िन्दगी की नई शुरुआत करो। सुप्रभात, आपका दिन शुभ हो।

Kal chahe kitna bhi bura tha, beet gaya. Aap ko nayi subah ki shubhkamnaye.

कल चाहे कितना भी बुरा था, बीत गया। आपको नई सुबह की शुभकामनाएं।

Buri adaton ko waqt par badal dalo, varna ye adatein aap ka waqt badal dengi. Suprabhat!

बुरी आदतों को वक़्त पर बदल डालो, वरना ये आदतें आपका वक़्त बदल देंगी। सुप्रभात।

Naya din hai, nayi baat karo, kal chahe haare the, aaj nayi shuruaat karo. Kisi ka bhala karke dekho, hamesha labh mein rahoge, kisi par daya karke dekho, hamesha yaad mein rahoge….Suprabhat!

नया दिन है, नई बात करो, कल चाहे हारे थे, आज नई शुरुआत करो।

किसी का भला करके देखो, हमेशा लाभ में रहोगे, किसी पर दया करके देखो, हमेशा याद में रहोगे…सुप्रभात।

Tum sone se pehle sabko maaf kar do, upar vala uthne se pehle tumhe maaf kar dega….Suprabhat Suvichar.

तुम सोने से पहले सबको माफ़ कर दो, ऊपर वाला उठने से पहले तुम्हें माफ़ कर देगा…सुप्रभात सुविचार।

Kagaz udta hai apni kismat se lekin kabiliyat se udta hai patang. Aap bhi ek din chhuoge uchaiyo ko, agar kabiliyat hai aap ke sang…Good morning.

कागज़ उड़ता है अपनी किस्मत से लेकिन काबिलियत से उड़ता है पतंग।

आप भी एक दिन छुओगे उचाईयों को, अगर काबलियत है आपके संग… गुड मॉर्निंग।

Samay ki ahmiyat ko samajhiye. Agar samay sahi hai toh sab apne hai, varna sab paraye…aap ka din shubh ho.

समय की अहमियत को समझिए। अगर समय सही है तो सब अपने हैं, वरना सब पराए…आपका दिन शुभ हो।

Darne ki baat ye hai ki humare paas time kam hai, magar achi baat ye hai ki humare paas abhi bhi time hai….Good morning!

डरने की बात ये है कि हमारे पास टाइम कम है, मगर अच्छी बात ये है कि हमारे पास अभी भी टाइम है…गुड मॉर्निंग।

Ishwar ko mat btaiye ki kitni mushkilein hai aap ke paas. Mushkilon ko ye btaiye ki Ishwar hai aap ke saath….Have a nice day!

ईश्वर को मत बताइए कि कितनी मुश्किलें हैं आपके पास। मुश्किलों को ये बताइए कि ईश्वर हैं आपके साथ…Have a nice day!

Zindagi bahut khoobsurat hai ise bachaein, filhaal dooriyon se he ise sajayein. Suprabhat.

ज़िन्दगी बहुत खूबसूरत है इसे बचाएं, फिलहाल दूरियों से ही इसे सजाएं…सुप्रभात।


So these were some of the best good morning quotes in Hindi to get you motivated for the day! Hopefully, these will help you start your day on the right foot and generate a sense of positivity in you. Remember, anything is possible with hard work and dedication. So go out there and achieve your goals!

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