As your Wish meaning in Bengali

As your Wish meaning in Bengali

The Phrase “As your Wish ” is a common word used in English. It has two meanings, it is a formal expression of agreement to something, especially with the connotation that one does not really agree. To elaborate it further we can say that it means someone can do or have whatever he/she wishes and desires although you don’t agree. The other meaning is the opposite, here you are letting the person do whatever his heart desires but it doesn’t matter to you, or his/her decisions doesn’t affect you. In both cases, the use of the phrase “ As your Wish” is letting the other person do whatever he likes and not giving any objection to it. Moreover, As your wish meaning in Bengali can be translated as ‘যেমন তোমার ইচ্ছা’

Pronunciation and Translation

  • Pronunciation
    ‘As Your Wish’ উচ্চারণ = এস ইওর উইশ
  • ‘As your Wish’ meaning in Bengali
    As your Wish’এর মানে ‘যেমন তোমার ইচ্ছা’

Examples of The Phrase

For example, your friend might want to go out for a movie but you want to stay back and he/she says that they are going alone. Here, the use of the expression ‘As your wish’ would be perfect as a response if you don’t want them to go out. 

For Bengali speakers, As your Wish meaning in Bengali is ‘যেমন তোমার ইচ্ছা’ is a good way of showing indifference to the actions and decisions of others.

How to use As Your Wish In A Sentence

1. English    : I Don’t know, Do As Your Wish.

Bengali    :  আমি জানি না, যেমন তোমার ইচ্ছা, কর|

2. English     : What else can i say, Do As Your Wish.

Bengali :    আমি আর কি বলব, যেমন তোমার ইচ্ছা

3. English : As Your Wish, You have to decide.

Bengali :  যেমন তোমার ইচ্ছা, তোমাকে সিদ্ধান্ত নিতে হবে।

4. English : Use the following recipe as an example and change the ingredients as you wish.

Bengali : একটি উদাহরণ হিসাবে নিম্নলিখিত রেসিপি ব্যবহার কর
 এবং যেমন তোমার ইচ্ছা উপাদান পরিবর্তন কর.

5. English : As You Wish, I will eat this much only.

Bengali : যেমন তোমার ইচ্ছা ,আমি শুধু এইটুকুই খাব


After reading this article, we know that As your wish meaning in Bengali is ‘যেমন তোমার ইচ্ছা’. It is a strong expression used for letting others do whatever they wish and giving them freedom to make their own decisions.

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