Happy Durga Ashtami Wishes in English

Happy Durga Ashtami Wishes in 2023

Hindus all over the subcontinent as well as those spread out over the rest of the world celebrate Durga Ashtami. It occurs on the eighth day of Navratri and is dedicated to Goddess Durga. It happens on a bright lunar fortnight of Ashtami Tithi or the Aswina month according to Hindu calendar. On this joyous occasion why not send some Happy Durga Ashtami Wishes in English to your Hindu friends.

I hope you and your loved ones have a very Happy Durga Ashtami!

May the guidance, love blessings and protection of Maa Durga be with you and your family always. Happy Durga Ashtami!

I pray that Maa Durga helps you vanquish your inner demons and live a better life ahead. Happy Durga Ashtami!

Let this occasion be one free of stress and full of happiness for all. Happy Durga Ashtami everyone!

May this festival bring you nearer in devotion to Goddess Durga than ever before and make you a better human. Happy Durga Ashtami!

Significance of Durga Ashtami

The day is considered sacred by Hindus and many even observe fasts on the occasion. It is also a common practice to wear colourful clothes during this day and get together to dance Garba. The day is also referred to as Astra Puja (Worshipping Weapons) and the weapons of Maa Durga are worshipped.

Durga Puja Wishes

Take a look at our Maa Durga Ashtami wishes and use them to spread the love around with your Hindu acquaintances.

Let Maa Durga shower her divine love and blessings upon you and your family. Happy Durga Ashtami!

I pray that the guidance of Maa Durga helps you overcome your struggles. Happy Durga Ashtami!

Let the teachings of Goddess Durga be a shining light that leads you out of the tunnel. Happy Durga Ashtami!

May we learn not to only pray for what we want from Maa Durga but also learn to thank her for everything she has already blessed us with.

Forgive those who hurt you, let go of grudges, get together with your loved ones and enjoy this holy festival. Happy Durga Ashtami!

Other Facts about Durga Ashtami

The day is also called Vira Ashtami with Vira meaning heroism. Another important concept regarding this festival is the Ashta Shakti which are also called the Eight Shaktis which have been comprehended differently in various parts of India. However, each of the eight is considered an incarnation of Shakti. They are namely Vaishnavi, Varahi, Narasinghi, Indrani, Chamunda, Brahmani, Maheswari, Kaumari.

Happy Durga Puja Wishes

Check out some of these Maa Durga Ashtami Wishes one can try with the Hindus in their social circle.

May Goddess grant you wealth, prosperity and abundance in your life. Happy Durga Ashtami!

I hope Goddess Durga answers each and every prayer that you and your family have made. Happy Durga Ashtami!

Let go of all the negativity and sadness in your life and turn to Maa Durga for guidance. Happy Durga Ashtami!

May this holy occasion bring tranquillity and inner peace into your life. Happy Durga Ashtami!

I hope Durga Maa grants you all the wisdom and knowledge you need in this world. Happy Durga Ashtami!

May Goddess Durga bestow strength upon you to overcome all the hurdles you face in life. Happy Durga Ashtami!

Embrace the teaching of Goddess Durga and you shall find answers to your problems. Happy Durga Ashtami Everyone!

This festival is not just about worship and being a good person in the temple but also maintaining it when you are outside of it. Happy Durga Puja!

May Goddess Durga keep you away from wrongdoings and make you a better Hindu. Happy Durga Puja!

Let the guidance of Maa Durga make you a more mature, kind and compassionate person in life. Happy Durga Puja!


Goddess Durga is a very important sacred Goddess in Hinduism and is also one of the main female deities in the religion also. The occasion is not only meant to be celebrated but is also about bringing devotees closer to Maa Durga. Also just like people revere Goddesses they must also learn to respect females.
Now that you know what the festival is all about, join by using our Happy Durga Ashtami wishes in English on your loved ones who are Hindus.

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