Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

Ram Navami wishes In English

Every year the international Hindu community celebrates the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami. The subcontinent in particular carries out these celebrations with great gusto and exuberance. The festival is part of the Chaitra Navratri that falls in spring on the ninth day of the bright half (Shukla Paksha) of the lunar cycle of Chaitra which is the first month of the Hindu calendar. On this occasion, why not take some time to give your Hindu friends some Ram Navami wishes in English.

Happy Rama Navami to you and your family!

I hope Lord Rama blesses you and your family in abundance. Happy Ram Navami!

Let Lord Rama be a guiding force in your life. Happy Ram Navami.

I hope Lord Rama grants you and your loved ones great wealth and abundance. Happy Ram Navami!

May you find positivity and resilience in the face of adversity just like Lord Rama did. Happy Ram Navami!

Significance of Ram Navami

The holy festival is meant for rejoicing the birth of Lord Rama who was the seventh avatar of the deity Vishnu. Many devotees mark this day by reciting verses from the Holy epic Ramayana that narrates the story of the late Rama. Charitable events and community meals are organised as well. Several important celebrations take place at Ayodhya and various Rama temples all across India. 

Significance of Ram Navami

During this festival take time out to spread a few Happy Ram Navami wishes to the Hindus you know and connect with them. 

If you ever struggle with figuring out how a real man should be just follow the example of Lord Rama. Happy Ram Navami!

I pray that Lord Rama helps you attain all your dreams and aspirations. Happy Ram Navami!

I pray Lord Rama inspires you and your family to be better humans and better Hindus. Happy Ram Navami!

May you emerge victorious over your inner Raavan just as Lord Rama did. Happy Ram Navami!

Let our worship not be limited to praying for what we want but also being thankful for what we’ve already been given. Happy Ram Navami! 

Other Facts about Ram Navami

Another common practice is for people to carry out chariot processions which are also referred to as Ratha Yatras of Hanuman, Sita, Lakshman and Rama. Among locals in Ayodhya it is also quite common to bathe in the sacred Sarayu river before visiting the Rama temple.

Other Facts about Ram Navami

On this auspicious occasion consider using some of our Happy Ram Navami Wishes on Hindus you know to make their day special. 

Let the teachings and values of Lord Rama bring you on the right path in life. Happy Ram Navami!

May Lord Rama grant you and your loved ones a long and healthy life ahead.

I pray Lord Rama guides and protects you and your loved ones. Happy Ram Navami!

It doesn’t matter who is against you as long as Lord Rama is with you. Happy Rama Navami!

Forgive your enemies, let go of grudges, mend broken relationships and come together to make this festival an amazing experience. Happy Ram Navami!

No matter how big your obstacles may seem they are no match for the powers of Lord Rama! Happy Ram Navami!

I hope this festival brightens up your day and your life. Happy Ram Navami!

 May Lord Rama aid you in attaining wealth and prosperity in the years that lie ahead. Happy Ram Navami!

I hope Lord Rama keeps us away from wrongdoing and corruption. Happy Ram Navami Everyone!

May Lord Rama bless us with knowledge and wisdom to lead a good life. Happy Ram Navami Everyone! 


Ram Navami is a sacred occasion for Hindus and brings great rejoicement. For many it helps them closer to Lord Rama in their devotion and become better Hindus. It spreads love among families and loved ones. 
This year make use of our Ram Navami wishes In English and create a sense of togetherness with your Hindu friends.

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