Happy Dhanteras Wishes in English

Happy Dhanteras Wishes in 2023

The festival Dhanteras precedes Diwali by only a few days and is dedicated to Lord Dhanvantari, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera. The Hindu community all over the world rejoice on this occasion as it is considered an important date. One can join in on the celebrations by giving out Happy Dhanteras Wishes in English to Hindus that they know.

May Lord Dhanvantari help all those suffering with illnesses to heal. Happy Dhanteras everyone!

Let this festival be a blessed occasion that gives everyone joy. Happy Dhanteras to all!

I pray that Lord Dhanvantari grants you and your loved ones good health and prosperity. Happy Dhanteras!

I hope this festival unites everyone in celebration and helps us look past our differences. Happy Dhanteras to all!

On this auspicious day, I wish Lord Kubera grants you a life filled with prosperity, abundance and wealth ahead. Happy Dhanteras!

Significance of Dhanteras

Dhanvantari is believed to be the God of Ayurveda and the physician of the devas. It is celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Ashvin during the Hindu calendar. It is also celebrated for wealth and prosperity. Many even like to buy precious metals and other things as they believe it will attract abundance into their lives.

creative Dhanteras wishes

Many people like to come up with creative Dhanteras wishes to try with their Hindu friends.  

I pray you find inner peace and tranquillity in life and Dhanvantari blesses you with good mental health. Happy Dhanteras!

Let us all strive to take good care of bodies and follow the principles of Ayurveda. Happy Dhanteras!

Let this festival bring us closer to Lord Dhanvantari and the teachings of Hinduism.Happy Dhanteras!

May the teachings of Goddess Lakshmi guide you and your loved ones past all your problems. Happy Dhanteras!

May the blessing and guidance of Goddess Lakshmi always be with you and your family. Happy Dhanvantari!

The festival is also celebrated by many as Lakshmi Puja that is performed in the evenings when diyas are lit. Bhajans which are basically devotional songs are sung in praise of the Goddess and sweets are offered to her. Rangolis are also a common part of this occasion  Lord Kubera is also worshipped on this day too.

happy Dhanteras wishes quotes

Those that have wanted to greet Hindus often formulate happy Dhanteras wishes quotes to use in conversations with them. 

I pray you all have a great time with family and loved ones on this holy day. Happy Dhanteras everyone!

I hope Lord Dhanvantari protects us all from illness and disease in our lives ahead. Happy Dhanteras!

Let Goddess Lakshmi and her values guide you towards living a life of well-being and meaning. Happy Dhanteras!

On this auspicious festival let us look after our bodies, minds and spirits going ahead as guided by Lord Dhanvantari. Happy Dhanteras!

I hope you and your loved ones are free of illness and attain all that they desire in life. Happy Dhanteras!

May Lord Kubera keep you well off and happy throughout life ahead. Happy Dhanteras!

I hope Goddess Lakshmi grants you the strength needed to overcome the difficulties you have in life. Happy Dhanteras!

Forgive those that hurt you, mend broken relationships, come together and celebrate. Happy Dhanteras!

Let this occasion be about more than just rejoicement but also one that inspires you to become a better Hindu and better human being.

May Lord Kubera bring us all lives filled with many smiles and wealth. Happy Dhanteras!


Apart from being a celebration, the festival of Dhanteras is also about becoming a better Hindu and embracing the teachings of the religion. It is also meant to help inspire them to become better human beings. A person need not be afraid of giving out Happy Dhanteras Wishes In English to Hindus that they know well.

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