Happy Ugadi Wishes in English

Happy Ugadi Wishes In English

The festival of Ugadi is an important one among Hindus and is also referred to by other names like Samvatsarādi or Yugadi. It celebrates the beginning of the New Year as per the Hindu calendar. It is mostly celebrated in the states of Goa, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It would be a great idea to send Happy Ugadi Wishes in English to friends from the Hindu religion that do celebrate this festival as it can definitely light up their moods. 

Let this be a Happy Ugadi for you and your family!

Let go of the past for it is a new year with new hopes and opportunities. Happy Ugadi!

I pray that this New Year brings you all the abundance, wealth and prosperity that you desire. Happy Ugadi!

This New Year I hope you have a long and healthy life ahead. Happy Ugadi!

May you and your loved ones be blessed and well guided in the years to come. Happy Ugadi!

Significance of Ugadi

This festival is observed in certain regions on the first day of the month of Chaitra in the Hindu lunisolar calendar. This typically coincides with late March or early April according to the Gregorian calendar. The preparations for the festival usually begin about a week ahead and there is also a strong emphasis on cleanliness before the festival starts. However, it is important to note that this is not applicable among all Hindus as some regions have other festivals that serve this purpose. 

Happy Ugadi Quotes

It is a good practice for people to find happy ugadi quotes they can use for wishes to their Hindu acquaintances.

I pray you and your family bond well and celebrate like never before on this New Year. Happy Ugadi!

I wish that this New Year brings you and your loved ones closer in devotion to Hinduism and inspires you all to live by its values.

Let this holy occasion bring you inner peace and tranquillity in life. Happy Ugadi!

I hope that in this New Year you are able to overcome your inner demons and other adversities you may be having in life. Happy Ugadi!

I pray this New Year brings a new life and heals you of your old wounds. Happy Ugadi!

The occasion has held great importance among Hindus even throughout mediaeval times with olden texts and inscriptions of the time recording significant charitable donations to Hindu temples and community centres on this day.  Some common practices on this day include drawing colourful patterns on floors called Muggulu, mango leaf decorations on doors, charity work, giving of gifts, etc. 

 happy ugadi wishes messages

People can look for some happy ugadi wishes messages to share with their buddies that are Hindus and become a part of the celebrations. 

Let this New Year be one where we see past our differences and come together to rejoice. Happy Ugadi!

I hope all of your dreams and desires come true this year. Happy Ugadi!

I pray this New Year you turn to the teachings of Hinduism for they will give you all the answers to life’s problems. Happy Ugadi!

May this New Year fill you up with the enthusiasm and determination needed to achieve all your dreams. Happy Ugadi!

I wish you and your family a year filled with lots of excitement and fun experiences ahead. Happy Ugadi!

Let this coming year bring you plenty of joy and be filled with many smiles. Happy Ugadi!

Forget all the grudges and bitterness you have within you, come together with your loved ones and make this a very happy Ugadi for everyone.

I pray this New Year brings out a wiser and more mature version of you for the years that lie ahead. Happy Ugadi!

I wish that you are blessed with love, strength, knowledge and all that you need in life this year. Happy Ugadi!

Let this festival bring out all the positivity and joy within you and help you overcome the dark times in your life. Happy Ugadi!


Ugadi in the end just like all other holy occasions in Hinduism is about creating a closer connection with the religion. It is about inspiring one to embrace the Hindu teachings in order to live a better and more meaningful life ahead. It has much more to do with than mere celebration and is about developing a stronger and deeper devotion. 

On this festival one should not be shy of giving out Happy Ugadi Wishes in English to Hindus they know as it can be a great way to build friendships.

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