Happy Friendship Day Wishes in English

Happy Friendship Day Shayari

Friendships are an important part of one’s life. On this special day people greet their friends with happy friendship day shayari. As, we all need friends in life as humans are ultimately social animals. Good social skills can help people massively in improving their lives in general. Friends are especially important during our dark times. It is then that we realise their true value. There is even an entire day that has been dedicated to friendships when one can give out Happy Friendship Day Wishes. 

Our friendship is well and truly like no other.

Whether we are together or apart you will always be in my heart. 

You will always be my best buddy and partner in crime.

God knew my family couldn’t always support me. That’s why he gave me a loyal friend like you. 

We’ve been through thick and thin and seen it all. Here’s to many more years together. 

When is friendship day?

Internationally it is celebrated on the 30th of July each year but many countries also have their own dates for it as well. Below is the table that depicts the dates for the Friendship Day in India for the next five years starting from the year 2023 to 2027.

Sunday6th August2023
Sunday4th August2024
Sunday3rd August2025
Sunday2nd August2026
Sunday1st August2027
Happy Friendship Day Wishes

Significance of Friendship Day

Friendship is a universal phenomenon that transcends borders, languages, cultures, age etc. The way friends interact with each other though is something that varies depending on factors like age, how long they’ve known each other for, etc. Many must be wondering:

You’ve been there for me when many would have left and always showed great love for me. Happy Friendship Day My Love!

Thanks for always having my back and supporting me. Let this special day inspire us all to build new friendships and bond with new people. 

I hope on this occasion your friendships grow stronger and become deeper going ahead. Happy Friendship Day!

I wish this day brings true and lasting friendships into your life. Happy Friendship Day!

Friendships last for variable lengths. Some are very short like a few months while others may last years. The most important thing with friendships is genuine intent and sincerity. When it comes to time spent in friendships, quality is more important than quantity.

Happy Friendship Day My Love

There are many friendship day shayari in English that one can use to wish their friends.

Let us not only seek real friends but also try to be real friends to others as well in our lives.

No matter what difficulties or hard times arise in front of us I know we can stick together through it all.

You being by my side has given me strength, confidence, happiness and added more meaning to my life. 

I still remember when we first met and interacted with each other. I never thought you’d become such a crucial part of  my life. You’ve been more than just a good friend. You’ve also been a great human too and not just to me but to many others as well. 

Friendships between males and those between females vary greatly. Their methods of conversation, the things they talk about, the activities they engage in, etc. are different. This makes friendships special. The fact that there are so many different possibilities, personality traits and other factors involved which make each friendship unique.

happy friendship day

There are many happy friendship day gifts one can present to greet their close buddies.

Let go of grudges, reconnect with old buddies, come together and have an absolute blast!

Being alone can sometimes be depressing but being with friends can fix all those problems.

There is no way I can ever replace you or forget you buddy! Happy Friendship Day!

The best way to attract good friends into our lives is to be good friends ourselves. Happy Friendship Day!

The best way to attract good friends into our lives is to be good friends ourselves. Friends bring excitement and pleasure into our lives and make it more interesting. Happy Friendship Day!

True friends are a real treasure for all. Their value is truly understood when people grow up. In childhood, people are usually innocent but as they grow up they are exposed to the ugly realities of life and many of them change. A lot of them become bad at heart and many times even act as fake friends.

friendship quotes

Friendship Day in Indiai’s celebrated on the first Sunday in the month of August so the date varies each year. It is highly anticipated in the country and many send out greetings on the date. There are some amazing friendship quotes for love, which one can use to greet their close ones.

People may come and go but the memories they leave us with can stay forever. The good ones we had will always be treasured by me. 

May this Friendship Day be the best day we have in our lives and give us many moments to cherish.

I hope this Friendship Day is a joyous one where we all look past our differences and celebrate as one. 

I hope this friendship day helps us mend broken friendship and brings us closer to old friends. 

I wish everyone could have a friend as amazing as you. 


In the end all friendships one makes have value. The right ones give them memories, the wrong ones provide lessons. One can end up going down the wrong path in life simply by being around the wrong type of friends. Hence, good friendships are important as they can enrich an individual’s life. 

Make the most of the occasion by using some Happy Friendship Day Wishes in English with your close buddies.

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