Mumbai Bazar : A Treasure Trove of Indian Goods

Mumbai Bazar

When you’re in Mumbai, you won’t struggle to find a place to buy fruits, vegetables, and even apparels in the city. After living in this Bollywood town for some time, you will realize that it’s brimmed with a wide collection of markets followed by people and buildings sitting between the gaps. Surprisingly, this town will make you feel like the world exists within the place you find yourself, whether that’s the parks, the bars, the restaurants or the museums. But the Mumbai Bazar, wow. Even if you’re not in the market to buy something specific, exploring these markets of Mumbai is an experience all in itself. 

Mumbai might be more popular for its designer shops and malls today; however, if you’re after inexpensive, fabulous photo opportunities, or some interesting souvenirs to take back home, you won’t be disappointed after strolling through the small streets of “Aamchi Mumbai.” Check out these popular Mumbai main bazars for the best sightseeing experience. Be warned though, many of them are located in crowded areas that are difficult to navigate.

Colaba Causeway Market

Colaba Causeway Market Mumbai Bazar

The walk into Colaba Causeway starts from a scattered array of stalls selling irresistible bags, exotic shawls, amusing household items, T-shirts including mottos and slogans, vibrant clothes and accessories, which all seem to be never-ending. Ideal for a shopaholic’s dream, this Bombay Bazar is cramped up with stalls selling many hidden treasures. But to find your very treasure, you must keep digging deeper. Make a note that bargaining is a vital part of the shopping act; hence, never agree to the first three prices the seller offers you. The market runs mainly for tourists, and almost everything and anything can be found here making it one of the top markets for shopping in Mumbai.

Location: South Mumbai

Timings: Morning to night daily

What to Buy: Handicrafts, books, fashion jewelry, brass items, clothes, bags, incense sticks, crystals

Chor Bazar

Chor Bazar Mumbai Bazar

Crowded streets and crumbling buildings make up the establishment of Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar history that dates back to 150 years. The market has a famous image of a “thieves market” however, not everything sold here is stolen or illegal. Interestingly, Chor Bazaar derived its name from the originally known – Shor Bazaar or “noisy market” (as the Britishers liked to call it). Many kinds of fancy goods can be found here at unbelievably low prices, making it one of the most popular markets for shopping in this town. Moreover, it is a must-visit place if you like collecting vintage items like lamps, old devices, antiques and rusty belongings. However, if in any case you do not wish to purchase anything, you can still make a visit to admire the beauty of vintage items. This is definitely the cheapest market in Mumbai.

Location: South Mumbai – Mutton Street, near Mohammad Ali Road 

Timings: 11:00 AM – 7:30 PM Everyday except Fridays.

What to Buy: Antiques, vintage and antique items, treasure and trash

Crawford Market 

Crawford Market Mumbai Bazar

Crawford Market, also known as Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, is a profoundly Muslim populated area, with hanging flags of green and red followed by melodic sounds of the azan brimming the air. If you stand still, you can notice nothing but crowds of people getting drowned in the chaos of Crawford Market. The main Mumbai Bazar is famous for its wholesale supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Further, the market has numerous stalls selling new props for parties, toys for all ages and beautiful figurines of dolls by remarkable artisans. On the sidewalk, you can spot local artists making henna handprints. The old-style market is in a historic colonial building that oozes of ancient charm and simple times of olden days.

Location: Lokmanya Tilak Marg, Near CST Railway Station, Fort area, South Mumbai

Timings: Morning until night; On Sunday it opens only in the morning

What to Buy: Spices, flowers, fruit, vegetables, food, birds, fish and other pets.

Mangaldas and Mulji Jetha Market

Mangaldas and Mulji Jetha Market Mumbai Bazar

This famous market specializes in selling cloth pieces of all kinds and colors. If you wish to buy a cloth for an un-stitched garment or to design Indian outfits, Mangaldas Market is the best bet for you. Located close to the Crawford Market, this sprawling wholesale Mumbai Bazar is amongst the largest textile markets in Asia. You’ll find rows and rows of stalls stacked to the brim with a diverse range of fabrics. Further, the bustling market has everything one needs for their wedding, which makes it a popular place for wedding shopping in Mumbai. The products offered here are for all budgets. Don’t be amazed to see young brides sweating out in the Mumbai heat with their mothers trying to bargain in this colorful market.

Location: Near Zaveri Bazaar, Kalbadevi, South Mumbai

Timings: Daily from morning until night, except Sundays

What to Buy: Clothes

CP Tank Market

CP Tank Market Mumbai Bazar

Walking a bit further from Crawford and Mangaldas Market, you will enter an area known as C.P. Tank or Cawasji Patel Tank. The market is famous for its exquisite collection of bangles. Whether you’re looking for bangles to match with a sari or any other Indian or western outfit, this is the right place for you. Here you can witness shops selling bangles made of plastic, glass, copper, brass, iron, and alloy by a process locally known as casting. The bracelets are globally exported, yet maintaining excellent quality and durability at reasonable prices. Make sure to bring your dress along with you to get the perfect match of bangles.

Location: Bhuleshwar Road, South Mumbai

Timings: Daily from morning until night, except Sundays

What to Buy: Bangles and jewelry

Kala Ghoda Pavement Gallery

Kala Ghoda Pavement Gallery Mumbai Bazar

The leafy pavement on both sides of the famous Jehangir Art Gallery makes up for the Kala Ghoda Pavement Gallery, which is dotted with the artwork of promising young artists, who showcase their artwork on the local platform and sell it at original prices. It is the best Bombay Bazar for art enthusiasts who are always in search of exciting artworks but are unable to find them at affordable prices. The best thing about the Kala Ghoda pavement is that you get to interact with the artists themselves and get an opportunity to learn more about their art stories and techniques and even spot them in action. 

Location: MG Road, Fort, South Mumbai

Timings: Daily from around 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM

What to Buy: Everything from portraits to religious paintings. Buy Art directly from the Artists!

Fashion Street

Fashion Street Mumbai Bazar

Are you looking for the best Gucci rip-offs or knockoffs of sportswear brands like Puma, Nike? Think no further, visit the Fashion Street Market where you find them at low prices. It is a shopping street cum Mumbai main bazar with a hilarious touch to it. The market is famous for fake ‘real’ branded clothes, bags, clutches and accessories making it a hugely popular place for shopping in this town. Fashion Street is the place to shop if you want to buy what’s trendy in a pocket-friendly manner. There are around 150 stalls here, and the market mainly attracts teenagers and college students, who wish to grab the latest western clothes and fake brand names at low prices.

Location: MG Road, South Mumbai

Timings: Daily from morning until night

What to Buy: Clothes, shoes, belts

Zaveri Bazaar

Zaveri Bazaar Mumbai Bazar

Popularly known as the glittering market, Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai is home to most prominent names in jewelry like Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, Dwarkadas Chandumal, UTZ and Dhirajlal Bhimji Zaveri, as well as various independent boutiques. It is a jewelry market with rows of shops trading in precious gemstones and jewels of all kinds making it one of the biggest markets for jewelry shopping in Mumbai. The Bazaar is located north of the Crawford Market and requires at least a day to explore all the treasures offered in it. Moreover, this chaotic Bazaar houses some of the oldest buildings in town. Built in the 19th century, these buildings stand as a testament to the changing face of Mumbai since the time of colonial rule. The bazaar also brinks with an old-world Victorian charm as most of its buildings are designed in Victorian-Gothic style.

Location: Bhuleshwar, South Mumbai

Timings: All days from 10:00 AM to 7.30 PM, Except Sundays

What to Buy: Jewelry


After checking out different Mumbai Bazars, you can get assured that this city is a great place to find affordable Indian goods and produce. It is also an ideal location for tourists to watch and experience the hustle and bustle of typical Indian cities. Lastly, we highly recommend a visit to these markets for anyone looking for an authentic experience of the Indian shopping culture.

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