How Vape Detector Prevents Vaping In Institutions

Vape Detector

Vape are the E-ciggerates, which came to the market as a substitute for cigarettes, which is more harmful for your health as well as for the environment. Many chain smokers shifted from cigarettes to vape, considering it to be better than the former and less harmful. But at the end, it has nicotine, and consumption of it in any shape, quality, or quantity is detrimental. However, in recent years, the popularity of vape among teenagers is increasing tremendously, due to which educational institutions are shelling out thousands for vape detector.

The reason behind it is a vape detector accurately monitors the air quality and detects the presence of harmful vape chemicals. Since almost all institutes as well as business organizations have banned indoor smoking, it has become necessary to detect any chemical emissions to protect health and safety while maintaining code compliance.

What is Vaping?

It is a device that heats up the nicotine present in it to create a vapor you inhale. Some types of vaping devices include pens, pods, and hookahs. Vape or E-cigarettes are in the market as an alternative to cigarettes. The vape producing companies claim that vaping products contain half of the nicotine found in a cigarette. While it appears to be a healthy alternative, nobody can deny the potential risks.

How Vaping Works

Vaping devices come in various shapes and sizes, but their work is almost similar. These devices produce an aerosol byproduct by heating up the liquid substance, which usually consists of flavors and toxic chemicals, like nicotine, marijuana, or other drugs. It may seem less harsh initially, but when a user inhales it, it goes directly to your lungs. So, you can say, it slows down the process of health risks.

Why Do Youth Vape?

The use of vaping products is on the rise. The addiction or the ‘hit’ as they call it to feel cool, is the main reason behind the large number of youth vaping. According to statistics, youth vaping has increased by 1,800%, which is undoubtedly an alarming number. The number is even higher among high school students. It is the reason why vape detectors for school have become a necessity.

How Vape Detectors work

Vape Detector

If you want to know how do vape detectors work, here’s a sneak peek. Most of the smoke detectors are highly effective and quickly detect nicotine or marijuana present in the air. When the sensor detects chemicals from vaping, it sends location-specific notification immediately to the computers or mobile devices to designated school officials. These monitoring devices can be deployed building-wide, even in places like washrooms or restrooms, where you cannot install security cameras.

It is like a 3D sensor, which can detect particulate sizes down to 0.3 microns, which are small enough to detect the presence of vape in the air. It uses a machine learning algorithm, which helps accurately identify the behavior. Once it detects unwanted substances or changes in air quality, it further sends information on the size and the concentration of vaping particles. Interestingly, its mere presence is enough to restrain students or employees from vaping. Even if someone tries to temper the device, its temper-detection sensor will notify you. You can even sync it with the security camera to get a more accurate idea of who might be vaping or trying to temper the device.

Halo Vape Detector

With thousands vape producing companies, which are trying to be more undetectable, it is important for the educational institutes, offices, and hospitals to implement a more advanced and effective sensor, which can detect even the smallest changes in environment. For that, you can count on the HALO vape detector, which monitors carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, particulate concentrations, humidity, and even Nitrogen dioxide in the air. It is effectively capable of detecting vaping, smoking, sound abnormalities like a gunshot or shouting, even in areas where cameras cannot be installed.

It has advantages, as once you connect to HALO Cloud, you can manage multiple devices, receive real-time data of health index, and AQI alerts. This vape detector lets you document your building’s health status and troubled areas. It has over 12 detection sensors, which can easily detect multitude of measurements with customization. It also removes false alarms that singular sensors get from body and disinfectant sprays.

Can Traditional Detectors Detect Smoke and Vape?

Can smoke detectors detect vape? Well, if you are talking about traditional smoke detectors, then the answer would be no. It cannot detect emissions from vaping devices. Smoke detectors can easily sense tobacco and marijuana smoke. But vaping is difficult to detect, and hence many buildings are deploying environmental sensors that detect both smoke and vape emissions.

Do Metal detectors detect vape?

Do vapes go off in metal detectors?
Well, vapes can be detected by metal detectors. Although metal detectors are usually used to detect weapons or other metals, it can also uncover e cigarettes and vapes.
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Bottom Line

Vape detectors are on the rise because of the number of vaping communities, especially the teenagers and youth, who are consuming it on a daily basis. You can justify vaping by saying it is better than e-cigarettes, but the ugly truth is, it just slows down the process of health decline. A vape detector in a school or office building may not completely put a stop to teenagers or adults from vaping outside, but at least it can stop them from vaping for a significant period of time of the day.

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