3 Point slinger for camera

3 Point slinger for camera

The trend makes sense-  3 point slinger for camera is perfect for moving or transporting cameras for those who love to click wherever they go. This torso-linked cross-shoulder strap allows you to move around with your camera with great flexibility. In addition, its quick transition from being a camera holder to shooting photos without removing them makes it a must-have accessory for photographers.

Whether you shoot exotic wildlife, romantic weddings, fashion, or travel, it is not easy to be always careful with the camera. You may have pro-level tools and equipment, but carrying around everything can be cumbersome. But a good slinger for camera is an excellent investment for those who want to improve their skills.

What is a 3 point slinger for camera?

It is a must-have accessory for photographers that helps stabilize the camera and prevents it from getting mishandled. It consists of three contact points: you can wrap it around your shoulder, armpit, or waist. So, whether you are shooting at high speeds or just moving around, it keeps your camera steady. However, it is essential to wear it correctly to evenly distribute the camera’s weight. Make the sling tight enough so your camera doesn’t bounce around or slip away.

Advantages of 3 point slinger for camera

It is one of the most important tools for photographers, who are constantly on the move. With just a few flicks, it can transform your usual camera into a tripod and also shields the lenses from getting damaged. 

  • Point slinger for camera is ideal for brief duration journeys. In addition, its pockets are viable to keep wallet, phone, and keys, along with the camera.
  • It can take your digital camera anywhere you want even when you go through a security check at the airport. You can keep all your hand items in it. Unlike pockets, which are smaller, a slinger can keep everything and also keep your DSLR or any digital camera safe.
  • Its adjustable strap helps you take photos with your camera with no difficulties. It fits all standard camera bodies and ensures you never miss a shot.
  • A good slinger is lightweight, and customizable, and could be a perfect fit for a daytrip.
  • Apart from being simple to use, it is also aesthetically pleasing. For photographers, it is a must-do purchase, as it keeps your camera always ready to click the breathtaking shots.

Types of 3 point slinger for camera ​

Waka Rapid 3 Point Slinger for Camera with Quick Release

3 point slinger for camera

JJC NS-PRO1M Adjustable Quick Release Sling Strap

The most important part of having a T slinger for camera is its strap. If it doesn’t fit your camera or if it is uncomfortable to carry, you can’t expect to have a great shot. As a photographer, it is crucial to have a slinger strap that matches with your requirements. JJC NS-PRO1M Adjustable Quick Release Sling Strap is known for quick release, different locking system, and adjustable strap.

3 point slinger for camera

USA GEAR Camera Sling Shoulder Strap

We’ve tried several camera sling shoulder straps, and found it to be one of the convenient products. While it is a bit more expensive than other slingers for cameras in the market, you can overlook it by looking at the features it offers. Whether you are into photography or videography, I can confidently recommend you to give it a try, as I myself have been using it for a year now, and I am completely satisfied.

3 point slinger for camera

Altura Photo 3 Point Slinger for Camera

This versatile tool can be used in many different ways. It consists of three swiveling points, which allow you to wear it across your body, over your shoulder, and or around your neck. Furthermore, the way it holds the camera makes it easy for the photographers to grab it quickly and click the shot.


The price is an important factor to consider, but it is equally important and at some points beneficial to look into the features it is offering. As a passionate photographer, you are already aware of the facts- what exactly you want, what makes you comfortable or uncomfortable while taking pictures, and what are the pros of having a 3 point slinger for camera. However, it also depends on the kind of camera you are using. There are several price ranges available, ranging from $20 to $250. So, if you want a long-lasting and high-quality product, you may have to pay more than $50.


Whether you are a professional photographer or a person, part-timing his passion for photography, a 3 point slinger for camera is the last priority one gives. But as you go out to take pictures, you will understand what actually you are missing out. It not only keeps your equipment safe, but also keeps you ready to click that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

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