Thank You for Birthday Wishes in English

Thank You For Birthday Wishes In English

Birthdays are an occasion that comes in every person’s life. Whether one celebrates or acknowledges them is a different story. The day we are born is a special day for us and our families, especially our parents. They will never forget the moment and it will always be dear to their hearts. It is common to receive wishes from others on birthdays and to pay gratitude towards them. Here are some lines you can use to say thank you for birthday wishes in English.

I feel extremely blessed to have such loving people around that wish me on my birthday. Thanks for the wishes everyone!

Thanks for wishing me on my special day. Your love means a lot to me.

I am so glad you remembered to wish me and made my day more special.

I am so happy I received all these wishes from my fellow schoolmates / college buddies / colleagues on my birthday. Thanks a lot guys.

Thanks so much to all my family, friends and loved ones for taking the time to wish me on my birthday. It means a lot to me as always.

Significance of Birthdays

It is quite a common practice for people especially in modern times to celebrate the occasion with birthday parties. Many religions even have special days to celebrate the birthdays of religious figures. One famous example is Christmas which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Most people even if they don’t have a big party do like to treat themselves on the day. 

Thank You For Birthday Wishes In English

For those that are anxious or not sure how to say thank you for birthday wishes can make use of some of our thoughtful wishes. 

These kind words and wishes touched me and am very grateful for them. Thank You for the birthday wishes.

So many birthday messages and wishes. Sorry I couldn’t respond to them all. Thanks everyone for wishing me today.

This has been my best birthday ever and its all because of the love and wishes everyone has given. Thank you guys!

I can’t believe how much effort you guys put into making my day special. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.

A birthday comes only once a year so I am glad the day was made memorable. Thanks for wishing me, everyone.

Many people are socially anxious or struggle at dealing with people. They get confused on how to respond back to wishes or compliments not just on birthdays but on any other occasion in general. Knowing how to wish others and compliment them and how to receive and respond to those from others is an important part of a person’s social development.

If you need a thank you message for birthday wishes here are a few you can use.

It was indeed a very Happy Birthday for me and I want to thank all my loved ones that made it so joyful.

I am so happy today because of all the wishes I have received from you all. Thanks everyone!

This day has been an epic one. I had loads of fun. Thanks for all the wishes guys!

I waited long to celebrate this day and finally it is here. I am extremely thankful for all the wishes I have gotten too.

All these birthday wishes that I have received have really brightened up my day.

Thanks everyone for making this Birthday the most awesome day ever. Your wishes are truly appreciated.

A birthday is not as great without friends and family to celebrate it with. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

All the love and wishes I have received on my birthday brought smiles to my face. Thanks everyone for making the day better.

I can’t believe I had such a thoughtful and loving family and friends! Thanks for the wishes everybody!

Everyone that has wished and remembered me on my special day has my warmest and sincerest gratitude.


A birthday may not be sacred or of national importance but they still are special to people and those around them. So whether it is your birthday party or you just casually happen to receive a few wishes at the office, school or college make the occasion special by using these lines to say thank you for birthday wishes In English.

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