Happy Holi Wishes in English

Holi Wishes In English

Holi is one of the most joyous and happy festivals in India. It was traditionally celebrated by Jains as well. It is most commonly associated with its celebrations of people putting colors on each other and having fun. This Holi, join in on the fun and celebrations with our Happy Holi wishes in English which can be used with buddies and others you may know.

May this Holi bring joy and happiness as always. Happy Holi!

Let this be a bright and colourful Holi for you and your Family. Happy Holi!

Splash the colors around, celebrate hard and enjoy the occasion. Happy Holi everyone!

Let go of hatred, jealousy and bitterness. Come together and be part of this great celebration. Happy Holi!

I wish a happy and colourful Holi filled with togetherness and love for you and your loved ones.

Significance of Holi

Holi Wishes In English

The festival is about much more than smearing colors at each other. It has multiple purposes, the most important which is celebrating the beginning of Spring. Sources in literature dating as far back as the 17th century claim that holi was a celebration of agriculture and even commemorated fertile land and good spring harvest. Take a look at some of the Best Holi Wishes out there to try out in social settings.

May the Gods guide you towards love, compassion and make you a better human being on this auspicious occasion. Happy Holi!

I hope you and your loved ones have a renewed relationship and bury the hatchet on past grudges on this occasion. Happy Holi!

May this Holi bring you closer to your family and loved ones and build a stronger bond. Happy Holi!

May this Holi mark the start of a happier chapter in your life and free you from the demons of your past. Happy Holi!

May your life be bright, colourful and a celebration as the day of Holi. Happy Holi!

Many Hindus consider it as a good-bye to winter and an opportunity to enjoy the abundant colours of spring. Many Hindus also view it as an occasion to heal ruptured relationships, end disputes and rejoice together with loved ones. It even celebrates the divine and eternal love between God Radha and Krishna. 

Check out these creative Holi wishes you can use on the occasion of the festival.

Live. Laugh. Forgive. Heal. Mend. And just have a fun time on this day. Happy Holi!

Get wet with colors and splash them around with your buddies and family. Let go of sadness and celebrate the occasion. Happy Holi.

May the guidance and protection of the Gods remain on you and your loved ones. Happy Holi!

Holi is the best time to let out all the positive emotions and just have a blast. Happy Holi Everyone!

Enjoy the holy occasion of Holi and have fun on this holiday with all your loved ones. Happy Holi!

Let’s not just splash colours on each other this Holi but also reflect with ourselves as human beings. Happy Holi!

May the happiness and celebration of Holi last with you throughout the year and the rest of your life. Happy Holi!

Let this Holi celebration not only brighten up your day but bring guidance to your soul. Happy Holi!

Forget about your school stresses, office pressures and tensions in your life and enjoy Holi with friends and family. Happy Holi!

May this not only bring about a smile to your faces but also peace and tranquillity to your souls for years to come.


Ultimately, the festival is about forgiveness and mending broken relationships. It is also about spreading love, happiness and in general bringing about a sense of togetherness among the Hindu community. The smearing of colors at each other is just one aspect of it and many non-Hindus also participate in it as they find it fun. 

Make this amazing celebration more incredible by trying out our heartwarming Holi wishes In english.

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