Happy Onam Wishes in English

Onam Wishes

Onam is a popular Hindu festival in South India celebrated predominantly by Keralities. It honours King Mahabali and Vamana. It is a highly anticipated occasion among those in the south of India and is widely celebrated there. On this auspicious occasion one can make use of some Happy Onam Wishes in English in conversation with their Keralite friends.

Happy Onam to you and your family!

Let us give up grudges, put past feuds aside and celebrate this special day. Happy Onam everyone!

I pray this festival brings you plenty of joy and smiles in life ahead. Happy Onam!

May this special occasion bring everyone together and teach us to be more tolerant of each other. Happy Onam!

I hope this holy day brings you good fortune and many pleasant moments in the years to come. Happy Onam!

Significance Of Onam

Going by what the Hindu legends state, the festival of Onam is celebrated in Kerala in memory of the great governance during the rulership of the mythical King Mahabali. It is believed that the devas and gods envied his popularity and influence wanted to end his reign. For this purpose they sent Vamana in the form of a dwarf brahmin to earth.

Significance Of Onam

There are many that don’t know how to wish Onam goes well or other things to their Keralite friends. They can make use of these suggestions to come up with ideas.

Let this Onam be a meaningful and blessed occasion for you and your loved ones.

I pray this Onam inspires everyone to be righteous and honourable people just like King Mahabali!

I hope on this auspicious day you find the strength needed to overcome obstacles in life. Happy Onam!

Let the music, dancing, processions, folk art forms, etc. that come with the occasion make it a memorable one for all. Happy Onam!

May this festival bring you closer to the religion of Hinduism and strengthen your devotion! Happy Onam!

The celebrations include a great procession near Kochi called the Athachamayam which features music, folk art forms, decorated elephants, etc. Making Pookalams which are a form of rangoli that are done with flowers is also a common practice. There is also lots of music accompanied by various traditional dance forms. 

Onam Festival

Being better educated about the holy day and the religion in general helps one come up with ideas on how to wish Onam is a good day or anything of that sort to Keralites they know.

I pray this festival is not only about celebration but also one that inspires you to be a better Hindu and a better human. Happy Onam!

May the values of King Mahabali be a guiding light in your life ahead. Happy Onam!

I wish for this Onam to be one of the most memorable and amazing moments in our lives!

I hope this festival brings you great wealth, prosperity and abundance. Happy Onam!

I pray this Onam that you and your family remain blessed and protected in the years to come.

Onam Festival

Let this Onam and your life ahead be one that is colourful and always full of cheer.

I wish this Onam is one free of sorrows, depression, pain and misery!

I pray that this special day brings you great knowledge and wisdom in your life. Happy Onam!

May this Onam bring light into your life and help you out of your dark times!

Let this Onam inspire you and make all your dreams and desires come true!


The festival of Onam may not exactly be one that is as widely celebrated as the other mainstream Hindu festivals but it is quite well known amongst those of the sub continental community. It is one that brings great joy to all and many non-Hindus participate in it as well too.

Anyone can join in on the celebrations by giving out Happy Onam Wishes in English to their acquaintances that are from Kerala.

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